Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's been so long!

So I have been away for quite some time, as you may have noticed. A lot has happened since my silly halloween fun videos. Most important is the work I have been doing on our new addition to the family. I am due to have another baby in October! It's a girl too :)
That is a relatively old photo now. We have another ultrasound tomorrow so I am hoping to get a few new ones to add in. I am 24 weeks along as of right now. We are all super super excited!!

So aside for that big news, I have been very busy raising the boys, making specialty cakes and trying to keep a bit of sanity in the process! It's not always easy butI have been venting on facebook. It's so addicting but not nearly as inspiring as reading all the blogs that I follow here. Everyone seems to be constantly complaning, it's a bit contageous as well. So I am not promising a daily post but I would like to be more active on my blog, and I have many fun adventures we have had in the meantime to share. So I just wanted to drop in and say to all you lovely ladies, I haven't forgot about you!! Especially with school comming to a close I will need you more than ever to inspire me for my summer waldorfing with the boys! Hope you have all been well. I have missed you!

Looking forward to my return to the blogosphere!

(ps if anyone wants to be friends on facebook just leave me a comment and I can email you my info so you can find me!