Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An award for some of my favorite mamas!

I recently was gifted with this award from my friend Tree over at The Enchanted Tree

What a sweety!  I have found that her and I have a lot in common: stay at home mothers, glass blowing husbands, etc.    Now if I only had a facebook I would be able to be a bit more connected to her (and the rest of the world) but untill my husband lifts his "ban" on the social networks and realizes it is no longer 1950 this will have to do.  Here's my attempt to reach out to some other lovely blogging mamas and let you all know how much I appreciate your contributions to the blog-i-sphere.  I have noticed your efforts and want to say thank you for everything you bring to the table.  Your lovely!

Celebrating the Rhythm of Life with Children 
Cypress Space 
Cypress sun
 Dineke's Diary    

Congrats Ladies, you deserve it!  Here's what you do next:

Instructions for winners:

1.Accept the award. Post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2.Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers that you have newly discovered.

3.Contact those blog owners and let them know they’ve been chosen.


Monday, September 27, 2010

A Beautiful Wedding

My Step dad got married, Yay!  OK so that's an odd statement unless he was marring my mom which (thank god) he's not.  So let's start this story with a bit of background.  I have never met my father.  My mother had 4 children all with different fathers.  When I was 5 I met Jamie, whom I called dad as did both my younger sisters (Daryll and Dylan) although it was only true for the youngest.  When I was about 9 my mother started dating Dave.  They were together  for 13 years and shared a son, Konner, whom is my youngest sibling.  Jamie got the father title first so it kinda stuck (till I grew up and realized how incredibly undeserving he was of it).  Dave and my mother never actually married but were engaged for a really long time and step dad is a much easier title than my little brother's dad or my mom's ex-boyfriend.  Through everything Dave and I have remained very close and he has always played a father type role.  I don't know where I would be without him.  He and my mother's relationship was pretty rocky and he got hurt badly.  He deserved much better than he got and I am very happy to see him settled with someone who loves and respects him.  So, now that first sentence probably makes a bit more sense (and you got a glimpse into my bizarre family relationships, yikes)

So on Saturday Dave and Sandy were married on the front porch of their home.  It was an intimate ceremony.  It was the third marriage for both of them (which was news to me).  Hey don't they say third times a charm?!?  It was a beautiful event.  Open bar!!!!  Two of Dave's 3 brothers were there, from California and somewhere else far away (yeah I didn't catch the location) but I had never met them before so that was cool.  Paul was really nice and encouraged me to go into the cupcake business (he advises CEOs in LA)  and I didn't talk to the other brother much.  One of the brothers didn't show because he was golfing, which I thought was a really crappy thing for a brother to choose golf over family, but it was probably better without him if he picked that sort of thing anyway.  But everything went well.  We stayed for about 4 hours.  I took lots of pictures but missed some important things like cutting the cake.  They skipped the whole dancing thing, no gifts, very simple all around which fit them.  They were attended by her sister and his best friend Bob.  So here's some of the people and highlights of the day....

The wedding party

 First Kiss

The happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Walker


Daddy and Cy

Up close and personal with the groom

Sandy and her new grandson, Cy

Dylan and I with Sandy

Adding in Dave and Konner completes the set. 
 I really wish my brother would act a little less his age here

Here are Dave's brothers with their wives.  Paul and Bonnie on the left (the ones from Cali) and Craig and ?Laurie? on the right.  They all decided to wear sunglasses since Paul and Bonnie are from Hollywood, what nerds!

Cypress and mama with one little tear on his cheek, aww!

Dave being a goof ball, with Bob...

And again with Dylan

One of the nice guests got down on the ground and took a shot of Cy enjoying himself since I was in a dress and she could see I was struggling with staying "appropriate"

Here's trouble incarnate.  Konner, Free and Hunter.

My sister was so impressed they had a harp, how fancy!

Here's Dylan's new boyfriend Ty.  He's younger than her amongst some other things that aren't going in his favor from a big sister's standpoint.  No job, no license, lives with mommy, no degree, etc.  My sister is a very ambitious, materialistic work-a-holic so I really don't see him bringing much to the party.  However he makes her happy so I genuinely want to like him.  Not sure where my feeling for him are going just yet but I don't love him or hate him.  He was careful not to do anything to upset me but didn't kiss my ass so I guess that's a good sign.  If he was going out of his way to impress me I would have known it was fake or he was hiding something.  He was willing  to answer all my questions and probably thinks I am a major nut/jerk, but oh well!   I wish them the best of luck, but if he hurts her I have people who will help me hide the body :)

And just one cute pic of Dylan, I know how she loves to see herself so maybe this will get her to come read the blog (hi hunny bunny, luv u!)

All in all it was a wonderful time had by all and I am so happy for them.

Best of luck Dave and Sandy, CONGRATS!

Love you!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Dessert in the park

Tonight Freedom and I attended our first PTO organized event with the school.  It was called dessert in the park.  It's fairly self explanatory.  It was mainly just a social even for the parents and children from the school to mingle and get to know each other.   I made cupcakes of course.  They took me all day.  I did three flavors and kept them simple as well as the designs.  I did strawberry with raspberry vanilla frosting and pink sugar rim, chocolate with banana frosting and a brown sprinkle rim, and white cake with a vanilla frosting and white sugar crystal rim.  I topped each with a conversation bubble shaped piece of fondant and wrote on each one.  They said hello, how are you, nice to meet you, and what's your name.  I took 30 to the gathering. 

So the event started out just as I suspected.  Freedom took off like a bat out of hell and I was left with the soccer moms, who all knew each other and chatted freely amongst themselves.  It was like a rerun of high school all over again!  I hate being shy.  But before long my cupcakes broke the ice for me, just as I had hoped.  They were one of the few homemade desserts there.  Several people commented on them and one actually asked me if I did cupcakes professionally.  OK so that was overkill but I'm not complaining :)

I spoke to the principal who knew my son by name *yikes* but swore that she just knew all the kids and nothing to worry about since he was behaving pretty well.  I actually made some friends, well sort of.  I met two women who live right near me and one has a daughter in Free's class and we may get them together to play.   So it was not a total bust.  I feel good about it.  Plus the women who live near me and made friends with me are in the PTO, yay!  and one is going to be the president next year.  My plan to take over the school is coming together, mwah hahah!   ;)  Just kidding but at least now I won't feel like a total outcast!  Well I'm off to enjoy another fun family nest we are watching some Tarzan movie (looks kinda lame but not really the point) 

I received an award and will be bestowing it upon some lovely ladies very soon.  Be on the lookout, it could be you!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

I swear I'm not dead!

Yes I know I have been on blogging hiatus for quite some time.  I really felt it was important to spend the last bit of summer with my family and not plugged into the net.  So I did.  In my absence a lot has happened.  Our biggest adjustment came when Free started school.  He loves it.  His teacher says he is well behaved and a joy t have in class.  I can't say I am not totally stunned but great for her.  Now if I could only get him to be more like that at home....  I'm still not sure I'm crazy about the school though.  I attended the first PTO meeting to try and be more involved but just ended up feeling more like an outsider in a room full of soccer moms and rich chicks.  That doesn't mean I'm giving up I just need to stop being such a wimp and speak up once in a while.  I am incredibly shy.  I did meet one of the mothers from the meeting again at a juggling show I took the boys to.  She had a big chest tattoo and her daughter was bundled in a leopard print blanket.  N ow that's a bit more my style of mama.  Believe it or not she actually spoke to me and we hit it off pretty well.  At least now I have an in for the PTO (or maybe just someone to sit next to?)  I miss Freedom's old school and the teachers there.  I definitely liked that I got a little summary of his day every time I came to pick him up.  Now that he rides the bus I don't even really know the teacher.  I have met her twice and she definitely doesn't care for my husband.  Freedom told me today he had to go the school nurse because someone beat him up?!?  I will admit he had many different stories about what happened but he says he has had to go to the school nurse twice.  No one has mentioned it to me from the school yet so I am writing a letter to his teacher and hopefully she can give me a heads up.  Tomorrow is something cupcakes, of course.

Another huge milestone in the house is that Cypress is walking!  He's all over the place and even runs.  He started earlier this month.  It's soo cute to see him waddling all over and he's so tiny that it kinda looks funny.  He is speaking too.  Says mama Dada and shakes his head no.  I am so amazed just watching his little personality develop every day and it make me so curious as to who he will be and what his future holds.

Our little kitty is doing just wonderfully.  She fits right into the mix here in all this craziness.  she still kisses Free goodnight and is very sweet.  Couldn't ask for a better pet.  Free did win some goldfish the other day at the fall festival.  3 goldfish which he named Rocky, Colt, and Tum Tum.  Two are dead already which is such a bummer.  He was so great about feeding them every day and paying attention to them.  He took it like a champ though!  What a strong little boy.

In other news my sister went away to school at Delhi, and just celebrated her 21st birthday.  I feel so old now!  I still get to see her pretty often since she got a new Boyfriend and has been making the trip home on weekends to visit him.  My step dad is getting married this weekend which is pretty exciting.  OK well he's not technically my step dad since he and my mother never officially tied the knot but he was the only dad I had for 13 years so step dad is just easier to say especially since they split up like 5 years ago.  I am getting ready for my big vacation to Myrtle Beach next month.  We are staying oceanfront at dunes for Free's birthday.  I cannot wait!  My friend Jamie is going too and bringing her family.  By the way she just started her own blog, it's pretty neat but just starting out.  Stop in and say hello if you'd like just click here.  You all remember what it's like those first few weeks of blogging where it feels like no one is reading what you have to say.  It can be a bit discouraging that's for sure.   I am in a wedding next month too and I can't wait.  I didn't think I would ever get a chance to dress up again in my life!  Yay for Falon and Cameron!!!! 

Any ways, I have been cleaning and organizing my house a bit and trying to get my shit together.  I have been doing some soul searching and trying to figure out where I go from here.  I honestly think I am going to start seeing a councilor to help me with a few things.  It can't hurt right?  I just need to get some objective feedback to help my grow and develop as a person into the woman I know I should be.  It's a work in progress, but it desperately needs to get done so I am gonna get on that one asap.   That's part of the reason for my absence of blogging too.  I have just been really busy, physically and mentally.  Hopefully I can make more time for this though I think it's pretty therapeutic.  We will see what happens...

Oh one more thing, I got my camera back!!!!!  I am so incredibly happy, you have no idea.  I will have it for my vacation and Frees birthday and everything else from her on out.  I was going crazy with those crappy pictures I have been posting.  I just need to get back into the groove with it now and I will finally be able to post decent photos!  I cannot wait!

Here are a few I have gotten since she returned to me... enjoy!