Friday, September 24, 2010

Dessert in the park

Tonight Freedom and I attended our first PTO organized event with the school.  It was called dessert in the park.  It's fairly self explanatory.  It was mainly just a social even for the parents and children from the school to mingle and get to know each other.   I made cupcakes of course.  They took me all day.  I did three flavors and kept them simple as well as the designs.  I did strawberry with raspberry vanilla frosting and pink sugar rim, chocolate with banana frosting and a brown sprinkle rim, and white cake with a vanilla frosting and white sugar crystal rim.  I topped each with a conversation bubble shaped piece of fondant and wrote on each one.  They said hello, how are you, nice to meet you, and what's your name.  I took 30 to the gathering. 

So the event started out just as I suspected.  Freedom took off like a bat out of hell and I was left with the soccer moms, who all knew each other and chatted freely amongst themselves.  It was like a rerun of high school all over again!  I hate being shy.  But before long my cupcakes broke the ice for me, just as I had hoped.  They were one of the few homemade desserts there.  Several people commented on them and one actually asked me if I did cupcakes professionally.  OK so that was overkill but I'm not complaining :)

I spoke to the principal who knew my son by name *yikes* but swore that she just knew all the kids and nothing to worry about since he was behaving pretty well.  I actually made some friends, well sort of.  I met two women who live right near me and one has a daughter in Free's class and we may get them together to play.   So it was not a total bust.  I feel good about it.  Plus the women who live near me and made friends with me are in the PTO, yay!  and one is going to be the president next year.  My plan to take over the school is coming together, mwah hahah!   ;)  Just kidding but at least now I won't feel like a total outcast!  Well I'm off to enjoy another fun family nest we are watching some Tarzan movie (looks kinda lame but not really the point) 

I received an award and will be bestowing it upon some lovely ladies very soon.  Be on the lookout, it could be you!


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