Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Exploring our home town and cherishing our homestead

Wednesday has been named our art project day.  We made acordian books.   Freedom and I made our ownand worked together on one for Cypress.  Freedom's was about volcanoes and nature.  The inside reads:

The winds blows things away,
The volcano washes people super clean,
The water helps people float,
The earth helps people live.

I was so impressed at the underlying theme of the four elements without any suggestions from me as to what could be written about.  What a doll!

He even wrote the final credits by hand.  he has gotten very into writing things by himself.  It makes me really excited when he comes bounding out of his room after some free time to show me the list he has written for me of my chores.  Thanks for the reminder buddy!

Freedom chose to make Cy's a bit more personal.  It is titled
"Cypress like to..."

and it reads a bit more simply

Do Cartwheels

How cute it that?  All things that start with the same letter as his name.  When I cut out the "C" for the front cover Free decided to glue it to a scrap paper we had ...

He brought it to me and says look mom it's Cypress.  See his two little teeth it the front and two eyes?  He even has a little hair too, just like real Cypress!"

After quiet time we headed to our home town to explore.

We have been living in Horseheads for about 2 years, yet we have never really explored the down town area.  We learned how we got our name.  Neat story actually.

We took a walk around Hanover square.  We visited the library, saw the fire station and stopped into "Dog Eat Dog" for a milkshake.  It was simple and really fun!

After dinner we collected some black walnuts (or so I have been told these are) from our back yard.  Does anyone know what can be done with them?  Then we started our new outdoor stories tradition, got washed off and then off to bed.

Another pleasing end to another pleasing day.  Not every second was pure bliss, don't get me wrong.  We still had some melt downs, that's life.  But Rome wasn't built in a day right?

I have to say I am really suprised. I have simply playing and creating for a few days now. Not trying to teach anything at all. Yet, somehow he is learning in leaps and bounds! I can't believe what's been happening right before my eyes. It's like he doesn't need me or anyone else to instruct him. I am starting to see what the whole idea behind Waldorf is, or so I think.



  1. cute books! A volcano probably would get me super clean but i mite just stick to showers lol:)

  2. oh and i bought some bread mix to make, I think ill try that instead! In the future if have a few sucesses id love to try your grandmothers english muffin bread, sounds great

  3. Thank you for sharing your day!
    Did you paint the picture on your accordian book?
    It is absolutly beautiful. It looks just like you and your beautiful boys :)

  4. Fun fun fun! Love it :)
    I am still amazed at what kids learn when we just let them 'be' (and we've been doing nothing but letting her be for 5 years now LOL!).
    I feel a bit sad for the kids who are pushed and pulled to hundreds of organised activities in the name of learning and education with so little time to discover and explore their own unique way. It warms my heart to hear from a mother who is brave enough to let her kids be themselves and learn their own way xoxo

  5. Yeah I am sticking to showers as well, when I get the time, haha. And all the pictures on the books were done with bits of scrap paper from my wedding album cut into shapes and pasted.


  6. what a lovely. day. and loving the art. your picture is beautifull! Very talented!

  7. oh, yes, i've had that revelation a couple of times this week too. i have to remind myself to take my little cypress out into the world so that he can teach me a few things too. :) fun to see another little cypress boy. all of the other little trees around here are girls.


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