Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tuesday is Daddy's day and a delicious popsicle

So I know it's been a while between posts.  This revolution  at my house has taken a lot of time and energy to make it work.  But it is going very well so far.  We have been so busy and learned so much. 

Tuesday has been deemed Daddy's day with the boys to do something interesting.  Freedom asked to go fishing.

The boys got their hooks baited with corn

Freedom even had a go at it himself!  He was pretty proud of that.

Dad cast his line...

Freedom followed suit.  Pretty well I might add.

I took a ride to the grocery store nearby minus one kiddo and then met back up with the boys for snack.

Next the boys had some fun at the park.

I always love to see them doing a bit of team work.  Wish this shot was a video so you could hear all the giggling!

On to a bit of rock climbing.

Free as a bird way up in the sky.  Remember when four feet felt like four stories?  I miss that feeling!

And here I thought Freedom had forgotten all he had seen me do at work.  It's been a long time since I was posing kids and snapping smiles, but he nailed this position exactly with no direction.  I guess that's the price we pay for using him as the guinea pig for all my new employees to practice on during training.

Later after dinner we made some blueberry pomegranate Popsicles.  Here's how we did it, they were delicious!

Juice the pomegranate...

Clean some blueberries

Blend these in a food processor

Put some plain or vanilla yogurt in a bowl and add the berry mix

Mix it all together and put it into Popsicle makers

We put ours in the freezer overnight and ate them for breakfast.

Go ahead, they are good for you!!

Later that night we visited some friends.  Then made some chicken and dumplings, followed by baths, stories and finally bed!

It was a pretty good day, I think everyone had a really good time.  Dad is looking forward to fishing with him again this Tuesday, but I am trying to convince them to do tie dye.  I'm DYING for it, ha ha!!  OK sorry for the corny jokes I guess I am just trying to make up for lost time cracking needless jokes in the blog world since I have been pretty much MIA for the last week.  Sorry for that but this takes an immense amount of time.  So very worth it though!  



  1. so great to see your new Rythem is working well. Loving to see some Daddy time, I think it's so important, for boys especially!
    Great pics as always and looking forward to trying your Ice lolly recipy! My guys would love it!!

  2. looks like it was a beautiful day for fishing! Cute pics of your three men fishing together. Your popsticles look so yummy!!!


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