Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our newest addition

Again it has been forever since I posted last.  I have been so busy trying to squeeze the life out of summer before it's over I just haven't had time.  I am having a bit of trouble grasping the fact that there is so little of it left.  There are still so many things I haven't even done yet!  And on top of all that I have been trying very hard to master the Waldorf inspired rhythm.  All of this has left me running like a chicken with my head cut off for weeks and it has sucked all the life out of me!  I am exhausted and most days by them time I get any time to myself I don't even have the energy for writing a simple post, all I can do is sleep. 

Honestly, I have NO IDEA how your ladies do this!!  I am assuming it gets easier in the winter months as it's not so tempting to be out side, but we will see.

So back to the point of all this rambling, our new addition.  So here's our story....

Last Friday my family and I loaded up the car for our usual "Field trip Friday".   We had decided on this particular trip to go berry picking at our favorite spot in the woods in the middle of nowhere.   We all got out and headed down the trail.  Before we even got to the first berry bush my husband stopped and shushed us all....

"What are you doing we are in the middle of nowhere?!?"  was my reply.  I was ready for blackberries, but I quickly grew silent and that's exactly what I got...

"MEOW"  is what I heard.  I couldn't believe my ears or eyes.  Right there in the middle of nowhere a little black kitten came happily bounding out of the woods to welcome us.  She was adorable!  She immediately fell in love with everyone, rubbing, purring meowing the whole nine.  My step son was with us as well and he is a huge animal fanatic.  He was ecstatic.  The boys fell hook line and sinker in moments, of course.  I knew it was coming and before long they started the usual chorus of "can we keep her, please?"   Now I don't hate animals, but we have had our share and they always end up to be all my responsibility.  Once I had kids I refused animals because I didn't have time to take care of me let alone a pet, come on now.   But this was an exception, and I knew this immediately.  She was lovable and super cute and she really needed a home.  So I said that we could keep her if she wanted us to, but it had to be her choice.  Needless to say the boys were not much help picking berries as they were so enamored with the feline.  But we did manage to get a few before we gave up and headed home, kitty in tow. 

We decided to name her black berries, berries for short.  However once we got her home and realized she was a girl, John thought a more girly name was in order.  She officially became Esmeralda Berries.  I still call her bears for short.  She is the best cat ever!   She did have a few issues when she got home from being in the woods like fleas and worms but we've got here all fixed up now and she has made herself quite at home. 

She has taken quite a liking to me which I am liking as well.  She's a super snuggler.  She kisses freedom goodnight and loves chasing him through the house.  I can't even tell you how many hours have already been filled with rolling belly laughter thanks to her.  She is so well tempered for a kitten.  When Cypress attempts to pet her (which is code for slap and pull her hair and ears) she doesn't even flinch or raise a paw.  She sleeps with me at night and you should.   see her nap, she sleeps all stretched out on her back, it's hilarious!  She also loves her belly rubbed.  She has just been the prefect addition to our family and we couldn't be happier.  I can't imagine why anyone would ever get rid of such loving adorable cat but our guess was someone had a litter and couldn't get rid of all the kittens.  Whatever the reason we couldn't be happier they did.

Besides what would you expect me to do with a black cat that found me in the middle of nowhere on Friday the 13th?  Sometimes when the universe speaks you just have to listen!

Welcome home Bears!!  We love you!



  1. ohhhh she is adorable!!
    we had a black kitten adopt us when Brendan was little. we feel in love with her and then a week later a kid arrived asking if we had his cat, they had been on holiday and the kitten had gone missing. we were heartbroken to have to hand her over....
    I'm so glad she found you guys and has such a loving home!! the road out side our house is too busy to keep a cat here. i have seen several killed out there and could not go through that. I will just have to enjoy reading about yours!!

  2. aww shes so cute, no wonder she won you over:) Sounds like your having a lot of fun outdoors, enjoy!

  3. She is beautiful! congratulations on your new addition ;)

  4. Your header is so beautiful. We also have a new addition, a little stray female puppy that was hit by a motor cycle in DR, she's fine, just a little limp, she's so crazy and the boys love her. We miss her dearly since we are away but she has 5 other dogs to play with. Sometimes the most delightful pets are the unexpected ones.

  5. Oh, your kitty is so sweet! That's such a neat story of how you found her and rescued her. ♥

  6. Hi, hows things? Hope your all well and loving life:) I remember ages ago you mentioned you would't mind buying a wooden toy I made. I dont know If youv'e been past my blog recently but I started an etsy shop with wooden toys thought id let you know. Hope to see a blog post from you in the near future xo

  7. Wow....even when your child tried to slap and pull her ears, she just ignored? Hahaha cute!!
    Hope you'll update more about your child's progress and development... =D

  8. Great to hear from you! Hope you have time to put together a blog post soon:) Im having lots of fun with 'greening' my daycare, its given me new motivation to do lots of fun things with and for the kids which is great. Are you still doing the waldorf rhythum with your kids?

  9. Aww...what a sweet kitty! We just acquired two stray cats as well. i have too big a heart, and just couldn't turn them away. They were starving and are both so sweet.

    i gave you a blog award on my site stop by and claim it!

  10. What a beautiful blog! Our cat came to us, too. Funny how that happens! As if they were meant to be a part of our families. :)
    Thank you for reading our blog.


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