Thursday, June 24, 2010

Puddle Jumping

At some point this afternoon we got the pleasure of a heavy down pour.  Shortly after that I was reminded of my list of comforts I made this morning and I realized one that I forgot to add.  So I interrupted my sons lunch and instructed him to put on his rain boots and meet me outside.  He was a bit confused but I'm sure my excited tone made him too curious to refuse.

Rain boots, check!
 I asked if he had any clue why he had been summoned to our front yard, which he did not.  I did not hesitate to demonstrate, wish I had pictures of that!

It was beautiful montage of water and mud and laughter!

I am working hard on saying yes more often and creating more simple moments that he can carry to his children.

We explored the depths of the marsh...

We found treasures amidst the muck...

And shared them with each other!

All and all the entire experience filled my heart with laughter, which we also shared.  We found happiness in simplicity, which was a former goal of mine I am currently revisiting.  When i asked him how it made him feel hours later his response was "awesome, whaa hoo, the best, cannonball, splash!!"

Mission accomplished!

How do you find happiness in simplicity?


  1. wHAT FUN !! i REMEMBER DOING THAT WITH HIS dADDY. tHANKS FOR SHARING. grandmma and papa love you .

  2. oooh fun!!!!! i love puddle jumping. Free looks like one happy little guy in those puddles:)

  3. What a lovely, simple, fun time :)

  4. This was so great! I find simple pleasures the same way.Things that are from my childhood are shared with the little ones in my family. Water gun and balloon battles! My favorite, when its HOT like now...100+ @ home. We started one with the kids and it somehow turned into a grown-up + kids battle. Man was that FUN! Cooled everyone off. I will re-visit you again soon....susie :)

  5. Looks like so much fun my boys love doing this too...:)

    Regarding the Winter Spiral the photos I took.

    This was the local Steiner/Waldorf School kinder garden Winter Spiral. It was in there room the The kindy teacher and parents made the spiral. I love this festival. To me, it celebrates the Winter Solstice looking inward. You're better off googling Walfdorf/Steiner Winter festival. It will explain it in a lot more detail than I can here. Also on my blog roll go to MamaMoonTime's blog, go back to June 8th - she has a good Southern Hemisphere explanation of the festival and also how to do your own on later post. I hope that helps....:)


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