Monday, June 14, 2010

My son Free

This is my four year old son Freedom Reef.  He is such a spirited amazing little guy.  He has such a unique personality, it amazes me everyday!  He is very musical, loves to sing, dance and play music.  He has an amazing vocabulary too, and is practicing reading and sounding out words which just astounds me.  He is such big man he doesn't act his age at all.  Sometimes I just forget that he is just a four year old little boy.  He is ALL BOY too.  It's so refreshing to see him in school with all his friends and hear the teachers and perents talk about how much of a free spirit he is and how so many kids only open up to him.    He makes his mama proud every single day.  I cannot express how blessed I feel to have him each moment is full of enchantment, laughter, creativity and growing wisdom.  So here's a small tribute to my little man...

Freedom Reef Mama loves you soo much!
You're my wish come true.. 
Thank you baby!

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