Thursday, June 17, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

My son freedom has two teachers, Mrs. Lamica and Mrs. Chalk (what a name for a teacher). With the end of his first year comming up I have been racking my brain and my mousing finger trying to figure out some cute and thoughtful way to show these fabulous teachers that we appreciate everything and to help them keep my little guy in mind as we are sure to be doing on our end. I cannot say enough for these teachers and their wonderful job this year. My son is very spirited to say the least and they have been patient and nurturing with him throughout the year. So this year I think we are going to make a home made glitter globe to personalize their desks. We will be posting some step by step instructions soon and showing off our final results. If you've done anything similar or have any ideas feel free to leave some feedback


  1. hi im karen, i found your blog at childhood magic blog. I made a glitter globe when i was little, i gave it to my dad and i think he actually still has it lol:) im sure your sons teachers will think its a lovely gift to remember him by

  2. my dear daughter, I am blessed to have such a talented daughter. You amaze me daily with the things you do. You are a wonderful wife, mother and daughter and I love you mom
    p.s. I love the pictures of all our boys


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