Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our water trip with grammy

We went to the lake last night to visit my grandmother aka Grammy.  It was a special trip as it almost took the place of our much beloved yearly journey to the ocean to visit Grammy and giant papa.   Missing that trip left a hole in us for many reasons but we just couldn't make it this year.  It wouldn't be right without papa...  That said this mini vacation took on a new importance to me and it was fitting that it be near a body of water.  We had a blast!  The trip for me had a different sort of feeling, surreal almost.  The largest part of me felt like I stepped back in time to 1960's.  I just could envision myself serving bacon and eggs lake side in a halter top and pig tail braids jamming out to Lynard Skynard while the little ones jump off the dock.  Thanks to the magic of photo enhancement  I was able to display my photos to you all in a way that almost captures what I was seeing in my minds eye.  So without further ado I give you our trip to the lake.......

              Freedom's first dip in a lake (that he will remember)

Before long he was swimming like a fish...

While Daddy kept a watchful eye

Uncle Konnor got into the action

Kept Free pretty entertained

But couldn't convince him to jump in
 "Look Freedom I can jump sideways!!"

Eventually he was ready to get out,
but leave it to mom to stop and smell the flowers...

It became a very daisy themed trip, they have always been my favorite!

This picture was taken in the window of the cottage as we were crossing the street,
Free thought I was nuts when I said freeze, but the reflection was too cool to pass up!

So we went in to get some dry stuff on and get ready for a sunset walk.
We explored, and found some neat things on the way..

"How cool, what does it go to, mama?"

Someone popped out to say hello

Finally ready for the walk, just waiting for mama

We saw so many beautiful things! 
Up the creek..

Down the creek..

My son found a daisy of his own

Just like his mama!

And daddy found a moment of bliss

Free decided to share the daisy with me

"Or you  can put it in your hair mom!"

I saw a hopeful  future for John and I...

And shadows of our  present

Cypress saw a dog barking,
though Free jumped almost out of his skin,
Cypress thought it was hilarious!

By the end of the trip my friend the daisy had about had it...

I returned to find Grammy watching the last of the sunset enjoying cherries, yum!

Finally my friend gave up!

The boys spent some quality time together in the evening

And two sisters spent some quality time together in the morning
I hope Dylan and I share those moments some day, how beautiful!

Grammy and I enjoyed the morning coffee

And I set off to visit with the "keeper of fortunes"

She passed on this nugget of wisdom..

As well as this...

What a wise sage!  Maybe she was responsible for this?

And as I was leaving I couldn't help but wonder...

Is this where the key belongs?

We had such a good time and I wish I had more.  There were so many beautiful and interesting things there, both the obvious and the more abstract.  I was happy to be away from home and reconnect with all the beauty of the season.   I was happy to see all my boys smile and each discover treasures of their own.  I hope this leaves them all lasting memories like it has me.  Thank you Grammy from sharing this water trip with us. 


  1. looks like you had aa great time and some shared memories. I remember the times with my blessed granadma cook. the boys look like they are having fun. I wish you had more time too

    love mom

  2. What beautiful words and amazing pictures to tell the story of your wonderful day together.
    I really enjoyed savouring every moment with you.
    You really captured the magic of your time so well.


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