Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something comforting

So one of my new favorite hobbies is checking out the recent posts for all the blogs I follow and I found a few I would like to share with you:

First and foremost, I found a beautiful suggestion for writing a comfort list here.  Imene posted hers and I was inspired to do the same.  You can view my list in her comments.  I found this so refreshing just taking the time to recognize the beauty in your life for what it is and appreciate it.  Thanks Imene!

Also, I have to include a link to the fabulous bamboo sailboat made by Ariella and her brood over at CHILDHOOD MAGIC  It is such a neat idea and I cannot wait to go get some bamboo and try it with my little ones.  Always a pleasure to "borrow" your projects Ariella!

And I also stumbled across a little giveaway at New Zealand Handmade.  These softhearth originals are adorable.  They were needle felted which always makes me swoon.  Someday I swear I am going to learn some form of felting as the projects that are produced are the most gorgeous things I have ever seen!

And just one more.  I found this article about tantrums to be quite a revelation for me and it has changed the way I will forever view my children's behavior.  Such a blessing to come across someone with such an insightful view on parenting, my son thanks you!

Just wanted to take a minute and share a few of my recent treasures I have uncovered.  Be sure to check them out I promise you won't be disappointed.


  1. I found your lovely blog by way of Holistic Mama and the tantruming post :)
    Thanks for sharing these links.
    I love Childhood magic too!

  2. Thank you for mentioning New Zealand Handmade! Good luck in the giveaway!

  3. Thank you for including me in your love links!! I did really enjoy reading your comfort list, it even inspired me to add on to mine


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