Monday, July 19, 2010

Beautiful Blogger award

I have recieved my first award ever!!  I am so excited.  I recieved the Beautiful Blogger award from Suzy over at Scraps of Starlight.   I feel super special and loved.  I am so very glad that I have stumbled into this little land of blogging.  The people I have encountered are so friendly, inspirational and heartwarming.  I don't know what I would do without all you beautiful mamas!  So now I get the opportunity to spread the love to ten other Beautiful Bloggers....

The rules for recieving this award are...
*Add a link and note of thanks to the blogger presenting the award to you
*Share this with 10 other Beautiful Bloggers

So here are my ten (wish I coulld give out more!)

2)Diary of an Indy Grrrl
3)A Journey to a Simple Happy Life
4)Cypress Space
5)Bare Feet and a Free Spirit
6)Moment to Moment
8)Worms Eye View
9)Twig and Toadstool
10)Loopity Lou

Congrats ladies.  I chose each of you carefully because you deserve it.  I owe something special to each of you and I suppose this is my humble way of saying thank you. 



  1. Thank you so much Kat. It really means alot that i have touched your heart through my blog.
    I have awarded you back. not through politness but because you deserve it and are one of my very fav blogs to visit each day!
    Thank you for the smile you gave to me today!

  2. Wow Kat, thank you! And I totally agree that Blogland is full of amazing mamas who supply endless amounts of inspiration to each other :)
    (my daily visit to the blogroll is basically my daily creativity multi-vitamin!) Thank you for the honor

  3. Thank you : ) You're sweet.

  4. Kat,
    Thank you!! So sweet of you to include me in your top 10. You've got three Miami people on there! woohoo! Earthboys and Moment to Moment are both people I know from Miami even though they don't live here anymore.

    Have a good night,

  5. Thank you so much for the award!!! I'm going to check out some of the other blogs you listed that I haven't seen yet!
    Oh...I just LOVE this amazing, blogging community of mammas!!!!! Inspiration abounds, creativity soars, and every post delights!!!
    xox maureen

  6. great to hear you ladies are browsing the others listed, that's half the battle. Ariella I am so jealous thta you actually know some of our blogger pals. I always wish I knew or even had a few moments with any of these sweet inspired mamas in real life :( especially the waldorf and or homeschooling ones. I am dying to see it in action so I can make a final decision on the fates of my little ones.

    Blesings, Kat

  7. Kat,
    I will try again, yesterday I tried three times to post a comment here, without result.
    Thank you so much for this great honor, to know that the things I write or the pictures I share mean anything to someone is a great joy indeed.
    Your sweet comments are always greatly appreciated!
    Thank you sweet mama!

  8. aw, thankyou for the award!!!

  9. It's taken me so long to finally reply because we have had so much rain that I can't get on the internet. You are so very kind Kat. It's always nice to connect with beautiful inspiring mothers like you. Thank you.


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