Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our faerie ring

We have a little faerie ring in our front yard.  It was made naturally as we noticed one day that there were purple flowers growing in a perfect circle around an old stump.  So I present a few pictures of my sons favorite outdoor spot, and the fun we have had with it.

And today as we were out trimming the madness that grows in and around it we met our ring's first


See him peeking out through the grass?

My son insisted we share our friend.  Even though he has no name yet...
Any suggestions?


  1. what a cute little spot in your garden, love the sign:) how about lester or clyde for the toad (names from a kids book i have)

  2. Great post! My son says you should name the toad Midnight.

  3. Hi... just found your blog and am enjoying my visit very much. I love the sign!

    As for the toad... what about Buster?

  4. What fun!!! Love it. I'll be linking to you tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings and magic,

  5. Very cute! I enjoyed the tour of your fairy garden. :)

  6. Beautiful garden with some wonderful creatures! I like the sign too.


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