Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finally on the line... and other hot stories

FINALLY  I put up my clothes line.  I have been swearing I was going to do this for weeks.  I really enjoy hanging the clothes and gathering them up.  It makes me feel good about my self for doing something in a more primitive way.  I feel like I am connecting with my roots.  What a fabulous experience I have had with it so far!

On another note It has been swealtering hot here lately and I have been doing my best to keep myself and the boys cool. 

There is a lot of time spent in the pool...

Everyone gets into the action

The boys find all sort of interesting ways to keep busy while they are in there...

They especially make use of my laundry basket!

Even the big kids get into it, literally!

Then they both get into it?

Where did they go?

Cy used to despise getting wet but even he cannot resist the opportunity to cool off

And before long he is loving it

till big brother makes a killer splash

I wish I had half of his energy!!  Oh the things I could do...

Freedom pointed out the smiley face in the cloud, see it?

We checked out the flowers in our overgrown lawn.

My kids very much enjoyed parading around the yard like a couple of nudies, it was way too hot for clothes, and who doesn't love a naked baby?

Even one with fangs...

We also got into the hose a bit while mom was soaking vines and watering the garden..

We even played a game of Hullabaloo


It was a beautiful few days, despite the heat, we had soo much fun!

I really wish I could figure out how to get the pictures off my phone so I could share all my photos of the waterfall trips with you and the rainbows within them.  We went 3 times and had such a blast.  I wish summer would never end.  It is certainly my favorite time of year even when it's hot as hades!! 

How do you and yours keep cool when the temperature rises?

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  1. Im so jelous of your warm weather, especialy because were going camping at a beach for the weekend, we'l probably freeze! Yay your washing will smell like summer breeze. cute pics of your boys in the pool, i like your partners freedom tat, did i ever mention that i love your kids names? because i totaly do!

  2. don't you just love the clothesline, we just put ours up as well. I too enjoy the simplicity of of these basic chores, taking care of our family taking care of mother nature...

  3. I wish I had a clothes line. They make your clothes smell so fresh : )

  4. Just like us...all in the pool. My boys are swimming most of the day,, big ones and small. Enjoy the sunny days.

  5. Hi, thanks for popping over, glad you liked the button craft. Love the pic of your baby in the grass! x


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