Friday, July 2, 2010

Handmade Wind Chimes

So I went to the flea market on Sunday and was terribly inspired.  I came home and tried hard to think of something I could make to entertain myself and earn a little extra cash.  I decided to make wind chimes.  Each one is different as I just kinda make them however I feel like at that particular moment.  So far I have made 3.  I could really use some feedback.  What do you like best, what sounds do you prefer, suggested groupings or color schemes?  the possibilities are endless and it's always nice to have a fresh perspective when your creating something.  I don't know about the rest of you but I am TERRIBLY critical of my own work, so posting it is a bit therapudic.  I appreciate any constructive criticism or helpful advice.  so without further ado here is my work thus far...


I used vines to make the top piece that the noisy stuff hangs from

Or sticks...

I wrapped pieces of glass with wire

and hung them with various ribbons...

I added bamboo or metal...

And here are the three finished works I have so far...

They are much harder to make then they look!

Each has a very unique sound, some are noisier than others.  i am going to make some entirely of sea shells and one with wrapped glass suspended a bit haphazardly from a spiral vine.  I will post pics of those too but in the mean time, please tell me what you think so far.  Be honest!

Thanks for taking the time to check them out!



  1. i love the organic nature of these. i made one that was very similar, but with ocean glass, several years ago.

    and to answer your question regarding my son's middle name is cypress. cypress trees line the banks of the beautiful river that flows through this town...and one of my favorite things to do is watch sunlight stream through these magnificent trees.

  2. Oooo, pretty!
    I'm digging your blog, Kat...and I wanted to answer your question about my name. I replied to your comment via e-mail, but it must gone to spamland since you didn't get it. Here is what I wrote to you:
    Hi Kat,
    My blog title? Well, my name is Cypress and I thought "Cypress Space" conveyed the idea of a little place/space where I could record my family/homeschooling shenanigans and also sounded a little like the word "cyberspace". I think your son's name is beautiful...and your blog name, too: for love of my me goosebumps! Thanks for following my blog and especially for the kind comment :)


  3. did you enjoy making these? thst's numero uno question ;)
    they've come out lovely. i love wind chimes.
    only other feedback i can give is, if i were to buy one i would look for something totally natural. like natural string or something.
    good luck with them!

  4. I love the circluar vine one best.
    I like the way you have wire wrapped the pieces of glass, that looks really effective and very pretty.
    I bet they catch the light really nicley. Almost like a light catcher/wind chime in one :)
    Personally, I like the bamboo better than the metal chimes for both sound and look. Maybe you could use different lengths of bamboo to create different sounds too.
    Like Mon says the more natural and organic the more beautiful for my own taste(i just love natural looking pieces)
    Almost as if they literaly washed up on the shore like driftwood :)
    Incorporating shells would look lovely I think, and little trinkets maybe too.
    If the whole structure were a little bigger I think it would look really wonderful.
    I think you may be onto something Kat :) They really are pretty and unusual and you have obviously put your heart into them.
    The most important ingredient for any homemade craft is love.
    And they have plenty of that.
    Enjoy making them and good luck :)
    Blessings ~

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog from a comment you left on Childhood Magic. Your windchimes are beautiful! I absolutely LOVE glass and they way you wrapped them with wires, it looks so pretty! Especially the little rainbows :)

  6. I think they look beautiful--- I like the vines, I think that one is my favorite. I like the glass wrapped in wire, but the glass pieces that are wrapped in ribbon seem like they could fall out easily. Other than that, i think they look perfect! What about adding some shells maybe?


  8. These look so very beautiful. What a happy, lovely blog you have!

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